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From prickly pears harvested on the slopes of Etna comes Bastadduni products

sicilian prickly pear

Savor the best of Sicily with our prickly pear recipes

prickly pears in the kitchen
Sweet and sour prickly pear peels
Prickly pear tart
Prickly pear cheesecake

We love our
land and offer only
the best it gives us

Respect for the environment

We are fully aware of the value of the land and the respect it deserves, operating in full compliance with good agricultural practices and respecting the rhythms and times of nature. Our choice is to have a positive environmental impact.

Natural ingredients

In line with our goal of spreading new healthy eating habits, we offer only genuine products without any added preservatives, dyes or sugars. This way you can enjoy the authenticity and quality of real Sicilian products!

Secure Payments

Pay securely by credit card, debit card, bank transfer or PayPal. You can also choose to pay quickly and easily via Google Pay or Apple Pay. Contact us if you encounter any problems during payment.

Fast shipping

We use the best couriers in the country to ensure that our products arrive fresh on your tables within 48h from the time of order. However, to ensure the freshness of the fruits, we avoid shipments close to the weekend.

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